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so pple know the new war stuff

[C: 11] From: Montrey
To: all
Date: Fri Apr 4 00:59:25 2003
Subject: War and PK changes
We'll start with the pk changes. Basically, Dizzy now has a PK timer. For
those that don't know, that means that when you engage in a pk fight, you can
flee, but not use transportation such as recall. You can flee, but for 25
seconds after fleeing, the instant transportation will not work. what does
this do, you ask? It means that for you pkers out there, it is not quite so
easy to vanish when you get jumped. If you're good, though, you can flee and
outlast the timer, or walk somewhere safe. Here's what you can't do while
your pk timer is running: recall, clanrecall, word of recall, gate, portal,
nexus, enter portals, quit, chameleon cloak, goto, quest join, teleport, maze
enter, challenge accept, challenge view, battle, and you cannot be the target
of summon spells. now, before I hear a lot of complaining about high remorts
jumping lower remorts and stuff, I'll remind everyone that it is *your*
choice to put pk on.

Now for the war changes. No longer is everyone required to participate in
their clan's wars. when a war starts, all members of the clan, except for
leaders, will be non-combatants. This means that you cannot be attacked by
the other clan... It's just like your pk flag. In fact, it's so similar,
that it's called your war pk flag. to put your flag up, becoming involved in
the war, you type war pk. Leaders are automatically part of the war. Once
you raise your flag, it does *not* go down until the war is over. we will
*not* lower someone's war pk flag for any reason other than a proveable bug.
typing war pk is not the only way to make yourself involved in your clan's
war, however. If you assist a clanmember while they are in combat or under a
pk timer, then you are involved. This includes, but is not limited to,
healing, protective spells, and giving items. your best bet is to stay clear
of your pking clanmates if you do not want to be part of the war.

One more change to war, is that if you idle and do not decline when you're
challenged, you will eventually auto-accept instead of auto-decline. No, you
can't challenge afk or linkdead people, and if they lose link, they will
auto-decline. the flip side of this? You can only challenge people, at most,
once every 3 minutes.

Oh yeah, your 'who' list will show warring clanmembers with the brackets:

< > : player with war pk on, a combatant
< > : player with normal pk on, no war pk
< > : a non-combatant, with neither pk or war pk on

your score will show how long you have on your pk timer, when you have one.
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