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Some thoughts

I logged on Dizzy today. I haven't been playing at all recently, but I thought... well shit, let's see how the mud's doing. Log in to a new clan, with (at least I didn't see any) no change or news notes about it, no help file, and 21 people... so I'm guessing they've been around for quite a bit. Yet no help file. Nice.

Start reading thru some of the notes... made war optional for players within a clan... nice, gonna lengthen wars even more, and make the system that much less viable. PK timer I actually agree with, adds a lil more skill to fighting and running, but allowing gate just makes it pretty silly. Oh well. Ooo, a remort restriction on pk? Wow, what wonderful news. Any thoughts I had of maybe going out and leveling some more for the hell of it... gone. Why would I wanna fuck myself? I have an R4, I can pk as I want... if I remort again, I'm stuck unable to kill a large portion of most clans. Sweet, way to reward people for playing and hard work.

I'ma go ahead and remove myself from this community, and probably not log on Dizzy again. Thanks for the years, it was fun.
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