~just me~ (wndrdr) wrote in asthemudturns,
~just me~

Rping and dizzy

Rping is beginnign to happen more and more on dizzy YES!

We have two new rp charactors, one of them is from the lj community in_search.. and the other is from there as well.. it is awesom.. they are 100% roleplay, so far I havent seen 'ooc' time with them, they incorperate what they see in othter channels, into their rp in a rp form.. plus we now have the rp channel..

There are also a few oldies who are rping more and more.. as well as a few pple dissing it.. but we did a news note, letting people realise that slamming others like that isnt gonna be allowed.. (well flame is a free for all, thats a given.. but everyone knows what I mean)..

I think I am going to Have LIdda help me in the 'God' department of overseeing much of the rp.. she is on the most and she knows who rps the most and who should be rewarded.. plus.. she has a sharp eye on when things go to far and someone needs settled down..

Its good to see these changes, slow as they may be.. I enjoy watching from the heavens as peopl rp.
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