ladysubaru2004 (ladysubaru2004) wrote in asthemudturns,


Well hello there people!

I am Lady Subaru, and ofcourse I inhabit the world called DizzyMUD.
I am getting used to a level-based system, been only on leveless godwars/dystopia systems all of my mudlife.

Just a fair warning, most of my entries may seem weird to you, that is cause they are being done mainly in a rp sence *trying my best, havn't really rp'd since my D n D days YEARS AGO*

so yes, I am a human cleric, proud to be in the family of Sidhe,
and I am an eager helper of anyone I can.

You will prolly see me roaming the lands helping people.

And I'm currently working on a page so Joan can put it in the rp section *i think thats what she called it* of the dizzymud homepage *Cheers*
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