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echoes in the room 
05:15pm 16/04/2005
mood: curious
so does any one actually read this community still?
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Interesting convo I just had with my daughter 
11:43pm 09/02/2004
  I just had an interesting convo with Jessa...

She and I were discussing about how Immortals should behave on the mud.. and NOT really just the immortal.. BUT.. also the imm alt.. (mortal character)..

cut short for friends lists'Collapse )
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03:25am 15/12/2003
  Well hello there people!

I am Lady Subaru, and ofcourse I inhabit the world called DizzyMUD.
I am getting used to a level-based system, been only on leveless godwars/dystopia systems all of my mudlife.

Just a fair warning, most of my entries may seem weird to you, that is cause they are being done mainly in a rp sence *trying my best, havn't really rp'd since my D n D days YEARS AGO*

so yes, I am a human cleric, proud to be in the family of Sidhe,
and I am an eager helper of anyone I can.

You will prolly see me roaming the lands helping people.

And I'm currently working on a page so Joan can put it in the rp section *i think thats what she called it* of the dizzymud homepage *Cheers*
Things moved 
12:57pm 03/11/2003
  dizzymud is now of course on a new server.. bigger and cheaper.. located in the UK..

mud.dizzymud.com port 4000

*yawns sleepily*

Hope the move turns out good

I need to update the webpage, but to be honest.. other then 'directions' to places in the mud, I never get feedback on the damn page, its sorta dissheartening, and I am finding it dificult to find the reason or energy to work on the webpage.
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11:13pm 01/06/2003
mood: curious
I've been doing these artifact quests, and i'm wondering if they are too easy, or on the other hand too hard. I'm trying to do them so it puts work on both me and the mortals finding them.
They involve me making "artifacts" with a part of a riddle enscirbed on them. i put them on a mob, then give a clue to what the mob is. if they get the bust they can sell it to me for 2 qp, or if they have the entire set it's 10 for all. if they solve the *hard* riddle, it's 10 more qp.

I'm also wondering if i should keep up with the quest, or just run this single one. I have no clue if the mortals enjoy the quest.
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Does anyone even read this thing?..anyway 
03:45pm 22/05/2003
mood: artistic
So yeah, I kinda have an idea, kinda stoled it :P I know we hate using stuff from other muds..but with the recent surge of intrest in RP notes and such, this seems fitting. On SOE, they had these dreams that would pop up when you slept, completely random, it was really neat, like a short rp story. I was thinking, have a sort of on going quest and have players write these dreams, etc. Im kinda weary about bringing something in from another mud, but maybe we can adjust it to be original for us. We'd naturally make the dream code toggle-able, for those rp haters :P Anywho, think on it? (if anyone reads this damn thing)
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An Idea...No one's gonna like 
04:03pm 20/05/2003
mood: thoughtful
Well, I kinda brought this up last night, but it didnt really get listened to. But im pretty adamant about it..so im trying it again. I really, really dont see why in the world R10's should be allowed to beef up their already disgustingly super powers by being able to train up hp and mana. Its just...silly. I know we cant take skills, or take out eq, or anything like that..but this might be a start towards evening out the remorts...a little. I know no one's gonna like it, but like i said, its just an idea.
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Rping and dizzy 
02:52pm 20/05/2003
  Rping is beginnign to happen more and more on dizzy YES!

We have two new rp charactors, one of them is from the lj community in_search.. and the other is from there as well.. it is awesom.. they are 100% roleplay, so far I havent seen 'ooc' time with them, they incorperate what they see in othter channels, into their rp in a rp form.. plus we now have the rp channel..

There are also a few oldies who are rping more and more.. as well as a few pple dissing it.. but we did a news note, letting people realise that slamming others like that isnt gonna be allowed.. (well flame is a free for all, thats a given.. but everyone knows what I mean)..

I think I am going to Have LIdda help me in the 'God' department of overseeing much of the rp.. she is on the most and she knows who rps the most and who should be rewarded.. plus.. she has a sharp eye on when things go to far and someone needs settled down..

Its good to see these changes, slow as they may be.. I enjoy watching from the heavens as peopl rp.
03:42am 10/05/2003
  Opinions please? and yes, I know two of the links are not working, I havent done anything for them as of yet, they will eventually get done, prolly next week sometime or when I move it to the right server (if it is aproved of)

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05:51pm 08/05/2003
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11:55am 08/05/2003
mood: blah
ok so its making me mad that i can't log on dizzy while i'm on this puter... bastards.. watching me. phone should be hooked up sometime soon. the internet. i'm hoping within a week. i want to play with my own puter!!! and comming to the library in the rain sucks...*yes there is a library in this itty bitty town*

owell i'll figure out a way.. *besides who wants to look at black and white telnet anyway?*
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Some thoughts 
03:46pm 26/04/2003
mood: disappointed
I logged on Dizzy today. I haven't been playing at all recently, but I thought... well shit, let's see how the mud's doing. Log in to a new clan, with (at least I didn't see any) no change or news notes about it, no help file, and 21 people... so I'm guessing they've been around for quite a bit. Yet no help file. Nice.

Start reading thru some of the notes... made war optional for players within a clan... nice, gonna lengthen wars even more, and make the system that much less viable. PK timer I actually agree with, adds a lil more skill to fighting and running, but allowing gate just makes it pretty silly. Oh well. Ooo, a remort restriction on pk? Wow, what wonderful news. Any thoughts I had of maybe going out and leveling some more for the hell of it... gone. Why would I wanna fuck myself? I have an R4, I can pk as I want... if I remort again, I'm stuck unable to kill a large portion of most clans. Sweet, way to reward people for playing and hard work.

I'ma go ahead and remove myself from this community, and probably not log on Dizzy again. Thanks for the years, it was fun.
feedback please 
04:44am 09/04/2003
  (the remaining in rp and channels and such is for days at a time, NOT one to three, but four and more... )
useing the roleplay channel exclusively in roleplay: .5 rp token
useing roleplay board exclusively in roleply (detaioled) .5
in excellent roleplay situation that is seen/witnessed 1 to 2 depending how deep it got.
staying in rpmode even in nonrp channels..(gossip ect) 1

bout once a month, those who remained in excellent and continuous overall rp, even in off channels, a 5point rp token

10 rppoints - one peice of eq restrung in a name that fits the rp of char. ownered.
15 rppoints - recieve a rp restrung/ownered container that is fire/sac proof.
35 rppoints - 1 free enchant of a rp restrung and ownered eq.
75 rppoints - 1 free lowering of a rp restrung peice of eq.
100 rpoints - 1 free lowering+rstring of that same lowered eq TO a rp oriented name for characthers rp.
200 rppoints - get a roleplay oriented public room. (this can/will override the rule of
only one pub/priv room per mort.
300 rppoints - private rp oriented room.
**side note, no more than 6 rp rooms per char, and they do not contain portals or mobprgs**
(yes, am making it so you can make a rp area for yourself)
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Ok you might find this weird.. 
12:12am 08/04/2003
  But yes, the pic that i'm usuing for community journals is a picture of my husband in uniform... Yes, i'm proud off his skinny *but nice* butt. He could loose the garrison cap.. I like the Beret's better. So just incase you were wondering, yes it is my husband, yes i am proud of him... NO IT ISN'T ME, *most of you have seen pics of me on cam*  
11:40am 07/04/2003
  I do listen, and Johan was going to code it so remorts would be more limited on rlevels

BUT another person dissagreed with it because he/she LIKES pking r10s as a R0

Johans solution? someone who is 4 remorts higher or something like that cannot pk them, however, IF the lower remort wants to risk death, THEY can pk the higher remort

but the other person didnt like that, didnt think it was fair

*I* didnt know that the remort thing had been nixed till LAST NIGHT, or I wouldnt have agreed with Mont on the new war changes, I made the decisions for them (or allowance of them) with Johans idea in my mind as being imped.

So now I do not know what to think, because no one thought to fill me in on everything.

so I will post better on this after I have 1. thought it over some more and 2. find out why we arent making it more fair

who knows, maybe I am just too stupid in this one
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12:15pm 07/04/2003
mood: pleased
Ohhh, btw, I like the new page colors.
My views on the new system, *yes, again* 
11:58am 07/04/2003
mood: contemplative
I agree with Bryce, there arent enough pkers to support a system like this. And he's right, it just gives more people a reason to hide and not fight, and more people to bicker about not having anyone to fight. What happened to good old fashioned "if you dont want to war, dont join a god damned war clan?" I thought that was the reason we had clans like WhiteKnight around, to give those the chance to stay out of war. Now, if it was possible to code a non warpk flag for just those with the HAJ rank...that would be ideal, but i very much dont agree with this new system. He's right, it will alienate more and more people from pk, until eventually, it will just be people like bigs, and peliar and high high remorts bitching about not having anyone to fight.

So if it wasnt to speed up the war process, what was it for? To alienate pkers into extinction? I truly believe this is what is going to happen. The war clans will become obsolete, and eventually dizzy pk will become EVEN more rare. Do we really want that? I know we arent a godwars mud or anything like that, but dont we try to provide EQUALLY for both players who want to pk and for those who dont at all? Bah, I just, really, really dont like it. You know i wouldnt protest so much if I didnt feel strongly about it. *sigh*.

On the no flee, no recall, etc thing...that isnt so bad. If we took out war flags, it would be cool and I think it would work, as long as you made a remort range, as in, no r10's can jump an r0, perhaps a five remort difference on pks, would still be cool to be able to CK whatever remort, *since that is by choice*. Does any of this make sense? Iam trying to find compromises here, but does anyone listen? I hope I took the mature and reasonable route, I am really not complaining...more of having a big huge fit about stuff i dont think is right :P (yes, there is a difference). Any way, i hope someone actually LISTENS. Not just reads, listens, and thinks about it.

Woo, long post, sorry.

Oh yeah. Sarcasm recieved a 500 qp bonus, and no one can tell me why...we might want to look into that...not that I mind too much...but you dont or shouldnt get ass loads of qp for no reason...this worries me. *though, its rather nice :P*
New War Stuff 
05:09am 07/04/2003
mood: disappointed
Why even bother with war on Dizzy? The mud really lacks the pk community to support it, pk on there is really lame, and the remort system cuts down on possibilities even more. There are some who play there who think it's cool, but so many whiners who don't want to... why not devote the energies that go into trying to make war work and be fair into putting in some new thing that ppl will whine less about?

And, no offense, but making it so you hafta turn on "war pk"... *snorts* yeah, ppl didn't hide well enough with "forced war pk", so let's implement something so they can hide even more? Just go ahead and take out the war code and work on something new :P
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so pple know the new war stuff 
03:50am 07/04/2003
  [C: 11] From: Montrey
To: all
Date: Fri Apr 4 00:59:25 2003
Subject: War and PK changes
We'll start with the pk changes. Basically, Dizzy now has a PK timer. For
those that don't know, that means that when you engage in a pk fight, you can
flee, but not use transportation such as recall. You can flee, but for 25
seconds after fleeing, the instant transportation will not work. what does
this do, you ask? It means that for you pkers out there, it is not quite so
easy to vanish when you get jumped. If you're good, though, you can flee and
outlast the timer, or walk somewhere safe. Here's what you can't do while
your pk timer is running: recall, clanrecall, word of recall, gate, portal,
nexus, enter portals, quit, chameleon cloak, goto, quest join, teleport, maze
enter, challenge accept, challenge view, battle, and you cannot be the target
of summon spells. now, before I hear a lot of complaining about high remorts
jumping lower remorts and stuff, I'll remind everyone that it is *your*
choice to put pk on.

Now for the war changes. No longer is everyone required to participate in
their clan's wars. when a war starts, all members of the clan, except for
leaders, will be non-combatants. This means that you cannot be attacked by
the other clan... It's just like your pk flag. In fact, it's so similar,
that it's called your war pk flag. to put your flag up, becoming involved in
the war, you type war pk. Leaders are automatically part of the war. Once
you raise your flag, it does *not* go down until the war is over. we will
*not* lower someone's war pk flag for any reason other than a proveable bug.
typing war pk is not the only way to make yourself involved in your clan's
war, however. If you assist a clanmember while they are in combat or under a
pk timer, then you are involved. This includes, but is not limited to,
healing, protective spells, and giving items. your best bet is to stay clear
of your pking clanmates if you do not want to be part of the war.

One more change to war, is that if you idle and do not decline when you're
challenged, you will eventually auto-accept instead of auto-decline. No, you
can't challenge afk or linkdead people, and if they lose link, they will
auto-decline. the flip side of this? You can only challenge people, at most,
once every 3 minutes.

Oh yeah, your 'who' list will show warring clanmembers with the brackets:

< > : player with war pk on, a combatant
< > : player with normal pk on, no war pk
< > : a non-combatant, with neither pk or war pk on

your score will show how long you have on your pk timer, when you have one.
03:41am 07/04/2003
  Gimme some ideas on coloring? Was thinking the dizzymud colours you see in help greeting

tell me what you want to see as colours here!



actually, i dont care one way or another.. but I do see it as more challenging now.
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