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My views on the new system, *yes, again*

I agree with Bryce, there arent enough pkers to support a system like this. And he's right, it just gives more people a reason to hide and not fight, and more people to bicker about not having anyone to fight. What happened to good old fashioned "if you dont want to war, dont join a god damned war clan?" I thought that was the reason we had clans like WhiteKnight around, to give those the chance to stay out of war. Now, if it was possible to code a non warpk flag for just those with the HAJ rank...that would be ideal, but i very much dont agree with this new system. He's right, it will alienate more and more people from pk, until eventually, it will just be people like bigs, and peliar and high high remorts bitching about not having anyone to fight.

So if it wasnt to speed up the war process, what was it for? To alienate pkers into extinction? I truly believe this is what is going to happen. The war clans will become obsolete, and eventually dizzy pk will become EVEN more rare. Do we really want that? I know we arent a godwars mud or anything like that, but dont we try to provide EQUALLY for both players who want to pk and for those who dont at all? Bah, I just, really, really dont like it. You know i wouldnt protest so much if I didnt feel strongly about it. *sigh*.

On the no flee, no recall, etc thing...that isnt so bad. If we took out war flags, it would be cool and I think it would work, as long as you made a remort range, as in, no r10's can jump an r0, perhaps a five remort difference on pks, would still be cool to be able to CK whatever remort, *since that is by choice*. Does any of this make sense? Iam trying to find compromises here, but does anyone listen? I hope I took the mature and reasonable route, I am really not complaining...more of having a big huge fit about stuff i dont think is right :P (yes, there is a difference). Any way, i hope someone actually LISTENS. Not just reads, listens, and thinks about it.

Woo, long post, sorry.

Oh yeah. Sarcasm recieved a 500 qp bonus, and no one can tell me why...we might want to look into that...not that I mind too much...but you dont or shouldnt get ass loads of qp for no reason...this worries me. *though, its rather nice :P*
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