~just me~ (wndrdr) wrote in asthemudturns,
~just me~

feedback please

(the remaining in rp and channels and such is for days at a time, NOT one to three, but four and more... )
useing the roleplay channel exclusively in roleplay: .5 rp token
useing roleplay board exclusively in roleply (detaioled) .5
in excellent roleplay situation that is seen/witnessed 1 to 2 depending how deep it got.
staying in rpmode even in nonrp channels..(gossip ect) 1

bout once a month, those who remained in excellent and continuous overall rp, even in off channels, a 5point rp token

10 rppoints - one peice of eq restrung in a name that fits the rp of char. ownered.
15 rppoints - recieve a rp restrung/ownered container that is fire/sac proof.
35 rppoints - 1 free enchant of a rp restrung and ownered eq.
75 rppoints - 1 free lowering of a rp restrung peice of eq.
100 rpoints - 1 free lowering+rstring of that same lowered eq TO a rp oriented name for characthers rp.
200 rppoints - get a roleplay oriented public room. (this can/will override the rule of
only one pub/priv room per mort.
300 rppoints - private rp oriented room.
**side note, no more than 6 rp rooms per char, and they do not contain portals or mobprgs**
(yes, am making it so you can make a rp area for yourself)
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