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Interesting convo I just had with my daughter

I just had an interesting convo with Jessa...

She and I were discussing about how Immortals should behave on the mud.. and NOT really just the immortal.. BUT.. also the imm alt.. (mortal character)..

The gist of it is..

Unless you are roleplaying a certain type of character.. in which case you RP it on a continuous basis.. not just smattering here and there.. an immortals mortal alt should always behave in a way that is helpful to the mud and the people who play there.. (this isnt counting again, roleplay/pk/war stuff, we were discussing 'in general')

For instance.. newbies.. specially 'clueless ones' who seem to never listen to the answers to their questions.. tend to be 'tormented' sometimes.. and this is sad.. I wish I could say I am 100% innocent of this but am not, however.. I am changing, and becoming more of someone I respect on the mud..

I understand we get pissed off and we say things on 'immchat'.. this is true.. however...

In public we should be polite.. and treat people how they should treat us..

Our mortal alts, IF the other mudders KNOW they are our alts.. should also behave in a certain manner.. why?


when we push the rules of harassing/flaming people on public channels in our KNOWN alts.. the other mortals see it and think 'well that person is the alt of an imm and gets by with it, so obviously the imms agree with it'..

And then we get more and more 'bashing' and 'flaming' of new characters..

This looks bad for the mud

and the immstaff

Simple truth is.. we are immortals of a mud.. we set the rules, we enforce them.. our demeaner also at times sets the atmosphere of the mud..

We should always 'strive' to be better.. always strive to not show ourselves in a bad light..

and when the mortals behave outside of the rules, we enforce the rules.. without becoming assholes about it..

if we are upset in real life.. we should keep it away from ourselves on the mud..

If I am furious cuz of something going wrong in real life.. I do not have the right to come on my imm char and be more abusive/assholish.. towards the mortals.. if I lack the maturity to control myself in that area, then I should remain off the mud or off my imm char until I can come on without being an asshole to mortals.. or at least stay invis and not deal with the morts, just chat on immchat or with one or two friends.

Sometimes I think.. wait wait.. I dont want to lose a lot of freedomes because I am an imm!

But then again..

No one forced me to be imm.

I am a mom.. I get angry at my kids..

does not give me the right to abuse them because *I* am over them and have that power..

being in a posiition of control means you have a responsibility to behave in a certain manner..

Jessa and I have strange convos.. I know :P

But I believe she has a point.

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